Improving American Government and Civics References on Wikipedia

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Goals: The goal of this assignment is for your team to choose an underdeveloped or missing article on Wikipedia, related to American government, civics, and/or economics and improve it to Good Article status during the duration of this quarter.

Purpose: Gain a deeper knowledge base in selected ideas of American Government, Civics, and Economics that interest you; group collaboration to solve an authentic problem; communicate with experts within the field of study; final group outcome benefits others outside of the classroom.

Introduction for students: Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, is an encyclopedia that can be edited by anyone. It has many millions (!) of editors (Wikipedians), many of whom are students like you. The vast majority of them are volunteers who find editing this site to be an enjoyable experience, even a hobby. Therefore I hope you will enjoy this project! After all, there are not many projects that tell you to do something that over a million people think is 'fun'. :)