Week 3

Purpose: As your team evaluates the following existing Wikipedia articles each of you will increase your understanding how Wikipedia works and what they should keep in mind when are assigned to contribute later on. Review one or more existing Wikipedia articles, analyzing strengths and


weaknesses as well as the process by which the articles were created. One article reviewed 10/10; two articles reviewed 15/10; three articles reviewed 20/10.

Time: One week (including one 50-minutes class period)

Task: View the following video on Verifiability and Neutral point of view and then review the following article(s) in Wikipedia by using the method suggested in the video. One paragraph per review and enter your work on My talk tab, stating period/team.

Articles of Confederation
Fundamental Orders of Connecticut
Congress of the Confederation
The New Jersey Plan
Cruel and Unusual Punishment
Separation of Powers
Article 1 - U.S. Constitution
France in the American Revolutionary War
Representative Democracy
Political divisions of the U.S.
Power of the Purse
Bill (Proposed law)
Article 5 - U.S. Constitution
Two-Party System
New York Stock Exchange
Judicial Review